Posted: August 31, 2014 in poems

I am always happy to see him arrive,
Makes me feel so alive,
All the times we had,
Brings me back with my Dad,
When I was a little boy to a young man,
He always is there with a helping hand,
All that I am is because of him,
Even if he don’t see it i feel it within,
It’s hard to explain how i feel,
Hear it is, I love you Dad, your my hero,
Thank you for this life and being my Dad,
I am proud to be your Son and call you Dad.
Happy Birthday I Love You.

Stand as People Together

Posted: August 11, 2014 in poems

We desire to help others help themselves,
Through our elders teachings we pass onto the little ones,
To confront our past and heal,
Walk forward proud and tall, up any hill,
Welcome tomorrow with courage,
Open our hearts and minds to heritage,
Make peace with ourselves and others,
Stand as people together…Grandparents, Daughters, Sons, Mothers, Fathers…
Join us in this journey we call life…

gift is given

Posted: August 1, 2014 in poems

Don’t see it as a bad thing,
Or let your eyes deceive you,
Feel it for what it is and sing,
For a gift is given for true,
Sacrifices are made everyday,
So that we may continue in a good way.


Posted: July 26, 2014 in program

What i want to start is bigger then just talking circles federal prsions in Minnestoa have these the Stae prison in Nevbraska has this as well as state in SD. But what we want to establish is bigger then just Talking Circles.

We need ourside guests speakers, in the priosn we will have a staff rep who will be our go bewtween guy where as it would normally be the chaplain but he is so busy this will lessen his duties and “excuses” so we may have the tiem to grow and learn spiritulay and help one another to help ourselves. Sports competitions, Out side and inside speaker, we want crafts to make our money for the casue so we can have feeds for the whole prison and buy what we need such as a new drum or sage ad what not. The chaplain limits us becasue we go on a budget.

We want to help near communities the local highschools as well as colleges and make them gifts when they graduate. We want to reach out beyond these walls to help people. We want tot let them know we are hear adn we are not just sitting hear we want to help adn we are striving to be better then what we use to be. All througj native ways.

And yes talkig Circles are apart of it as well as other forms other tribes hear have from there own. We want to do it all. Explor all ways to see what helps others and go with wha is best for the People .ALL PEOPLE not just natives.

we want to teach many many thinsg to help people learn more about themselves, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritully for better health and to live a happy life adn go home to stay home and pass what they learn to the next generation.

until next time

Posted: May 10, 2014 in poems

I wish there was a way you could hear these words I write,
Maybe then you’d wake up from your constant night,
You have no idea how much it hurts me to hear you this way,
Knowing how your living regardless of what you say,
At one time you were my everything, we had plans,
We were young with the world at our hands,
Even though we went our seperate ways I still wanted you happy,
Hoping you kept a smile on your face and living free,
Then I get your # to call and I don’t even know who you are,
Listening to you talk, hearing your life left me a new scar,
Becasue I know where your at, I used to be there too,
My own addiction took me away like yours is doing you,
Life is hard but it’s supposed to be so we can learn,
It’s just so hard when I watch those I love take there turn,
The path I took killed me to be reborn anew,
I don’t want you to go through what I had to,
You be careful now and open your eyes and ears,
Look in the mirror, listen to yourself, face your fears,
Your never alone wherever you go or what you do,
Through prayers I am always with you,
Be strong old friend you’ll be fine,
Until next time…

my eyes are open

Posted: May 3, 2014 in poems

Show me what you mean,
My eyes are open,
You speak but make no sense of what you seen,
This is getting difficult….listen,
I am listening,
All I hear is nonsense,
I still don’t get what your saying,
Are you telling me or yourself? Is there is difference???

he was me and I was him

Posted: April 30, 2014 in poems

Today I was ready to listen,
So I talked to him,
Told him how sorry I was for failing,
How much it hurt me for the way I was living,
Remembering all the things I have done,
Learning from it all, storing wisdom,
Told him how sorry I am for being,
He knows it’s true and what I mean,
Asked for his forgiveness,
And it lifted of my conscience,
For he knows I am sincere within,
He was Me and I was Him.